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Where you will be laying your artificial grass and its intended use is very important. The process for laying on a soft surface and a hard surface is different. 

A soft surface would be something like soil, sand is ideal, surfaces like rubble and uneven surfaces also fall into this category.

  • You need an even surface, use soil, sharp sand as you need to make this surface even. 
  • Use builders sharp sand to make an even surface
  • Its recommended to lay a weed control matting under the sharp sand layer to prevent weed growth.
  • Special nails or pegs are used to secure the artificial grass to the ground.

Installation guide

Its best to familiarise yourself with this document before making a purchase

How Much Grass You Need

Visualise your space divided into squares and rectangles, as you will purchase grass in straight lengths. 

  • Grass comes in any length up-to 20m, but only has widths of 2m or 4m. 
  • You can easily cut the grass down to the required size
  • You can also join lengths using joining tape

Calculating Areas

A short guide on calculating areas

4×2 m or 2×4 m

Lay the grass length ways towards the property. This will give the best viewing angle from inside. Be sure to understand how you will lay all the pieces as they should all need to face the same direction.Pro Tip

Calculate Costs

Now you have all that information in your head. Lets go through the numbers and see how much this is all going to cost. Use our cost calculator below.

Cost Calculator

Use our cost calculator to get an idea of cost and your budget.

Add an extra 10% to the cost so you always come in on budgetPro Tip

Order Samples

Here is the fun bit. We have provided a sample picker and ordered by price (Per Square Meter) Pick up-to 6 you like the look of and complete your address at the bottom. If your not sure, just email the team your price bracket, we will be happy to send you samples of the best choices in your range.

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Plan your install

Pick a free weekend in your diary. DIY projects usually take longer than you think so allow extra time. 

You can prepare the surface ahead of time and leave the laying for a short while. Place your order with plenty of time. We do next day delivery but don’t be caught out, plan ahead. You can always order now and request delivery on a specific date in the future. We do Saturday delivery if needed, but you will need to be in to take delivery. Its too big for the mailbox. 

Purchasing more of the same
Each year new products come out, and existing products are updated. If you are purchasing more of the same product, its best to check with use first. We can advise you if there have been any changes you need to know about.

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