From Rags To Grass

A play on words there, but as our company’s official name suggestes T & A Upholstery, we didn’t start out selling artificial grass.

A family business formed 26 years ago, we started out business with a small shop in Oldham, Manchester, selling roll faberics and other upholstery products.

But with the birth of the digitial age we all have to diversify and modernise. We have expanded massively since those early days, gone are the days of a high street shop, we now have 100,000 m2 of warehouse in middleton, not far from our first inception. We still sell roll faberics, but today its all ebay, amazon, and online stores like this one.

There is something to be said with competing in this new digital age, its just not possible to have the same customer experience as people coming in our shop, telling us all about their projects and showing us what they are making. Asking advise and chatting like warm friends. An email is just isn’t the same, but everything has a silver lining.

Reaching the world throught the internet means we can provide our brillant products to everyone with a computer, which is everyone these days. Big volume means we are able to offer great prices to you the customer, we are able to create more employment, providing valuable jobs for our local economy and making our country great.

So where next for T & A…

Well, we are on a drive to focus on the customer, and improve our operation to a smooth well oiled macine.

Mission Statement

Help restore beauty to unloved and fogotten things. So they may be enjoyed once again.